Poverty wreaks the worst havoc on the human spirit and is the highest form of human indignity. There can be no nobler social agenda than the systematic removal of poverty. We'll do it, one village at a time.

Tanvir Ghani
Co-founder, PROVAAT

We have an ambitious and noble vision: to uplift the lives of every villager in every village. PROVAAT aspires to bring self-reliance to villagers and rural communities, one village and community at a time. Our initial focus is Bangladesh, a country in South Asia and home to millions of people suffering from poverty.

Our goal is to provide targeted assistance in all areas of family and village life, and execute poverty reducing development projects through local expertise. Our hope is to foster critical management and development skills in the process.

PROVAAT is a Bengali word whose meaning can best be described as dawn. The word reflects our mission to bring about a dawn of prosperity for millions of people living in abject poverty.
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