A thousand mile journey begins with a single step. Our first step must be in an area we know well, where we can measure our effectiveness and make lasting impact. With its poor millions, Bangladesh is a worthy first step.

Imran Ahmed
Director, PROVAAT

PROVAAT's primary mission is to identify, plan and oversee all development work in 3 steps:

Identify and prioritize local needs

Develop solution and identify solution providers; outsource to NGOs, semi-government organizations, external vendors, or in-house expertise.

Provide funding and professional management until project conclusion

PROVAAT will provide sponsorship of village development work at a holistic level

PROVAAT will task coordination of day-to-day development activities through local management

Poverty reduction is the overarching goal. PROVAAT's approach allows for development work to be carried out across various sectors and themes using locally available service providers.

We recognize that while a village community has multi-dimensional needs (educational, health, environmental), organizations working in a village often have one dimensional goals. With our strategy, development does not adhere to a "need-based prioritization", making our overall approach more holistic.

PROVAAT aims to promote and engage in the following types of developmental activities:
  • Employment Creation
  • Sanitation
  • Environment Protection
  • Education
  • Health Services
  • Expatriate Services
  • Population and Family Planning
  • Small Business Planning and Creation
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