Poverty wreaks the worst havoc on the human spirit and is the highest form of human indignity. There can be no nobler social agenda than the systematic removal of poverty. We'll do it, one village at a time.

Tanvir Ghani
Co-founder, PROVAAT

Project "Livelihood on Wheels" 100 destitute families, each granted 1 new labor powered rickshaw, kicked off PROVAAT's maiden project in 2009. By providing an ongoing source of income generation, PROVAAT empowered these families with a long-term and sustainable approach for poverty reduction, creating 100 new jobs and improving the lives of 600-800 people with much needed food, housing, and education.

Project "Pani Dao" 75 families, each with an average of 6 members, were provided with deep water tube-wells for unfettered access to clean drinking water. Focusing on sustainable, ongoing solutions, PROVAAT's contribution expanded beyond financial help to solution engineering, materials procurement, and project management. As a result, 500-750 people today routinely quench their thirst, having eliminated the most potent source of water-borne diseases in Bangladesh.

Project "Brick The Poverty" Establish a brick manufacturing factory to employ 1000+ unskilled laborers to partake in developing the construction material behind Bangladesh's housing boom.

Project "Clear Lakes" Regenerate polluted and dying lakes as fishing cultivation facilities to assist 500 families with on-going income.
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